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Specializing in State of the Art Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction and Musculoskeletal Pain Relief

Why Choose Us

Our Doctor has over 25 Years Of Experience

Our Clinic is a professionally-staffed office that uses complete discretion for your utmost privacy. Now that low-intensity extracorporeal shockwave therapy (LiESWT) has proven itself in Europe, the results on our side of the Atlantic have been just as remarkable. Our physician, Dr. Wendell Perry, took his time to research the technology and study feedback from patients that he had personal experience with.

Our Mission

To help people get to the health standard that they desire.

Our Vision

To use this new technology to help with musculoskeletal issues. We also wish to help men improve their confidence with this technology.


Our Patients


John P.

“After the first treatment, I noticed a massive improvement in my shoulder pain. I couldn’t lift any significant weight above my throwing shoulder, but now it’s gone after a few treatments. I was a skeptic, but shockwave is the real deal.”


Doug H.

“Shockwave relieved a couple issues for me. Plantar Fascitis would never really go away for me. None of the ‘normal’ treatments would work, but after these visits I can confidently say it no longer feels like a spike is digging into my heel. I also had tight hips that hurt with any kind of rotation. Stretching did nothing, but combined with shockwave therapy my golf swing has transformed from that stiff old-man swing to a thing of beauty.”


Reggie T.

“No more back pain! Seriously. I don’t believe it either. After a college weightlifting injury, my back was never the same. Pain pills worked, but the side effects were not exactly a blast and it was temporary relief. After this set of appointments I can confidently say I’m lifting heavy again. Thank you Dr. Perry and Alex. Most of all: thank you Steve! He’s a legend with that machine.”

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